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Teen Depression +

Teenage angst or something more serious? Teenage angst and cynicism is often regarded a normal passage through which the adolescent passes. However, we also know that a growing number of adolescents have significant sy


I get a tonne of questions from loved ones regarding the subtle signs of depression and anxiety . Commonly we are aware of the more tell tale signs, but concerned loved ones are worried that they may be missing more subt


My daughter left me once again this morning to begin a new school year.  I was a little sad to lose her to school again. I quite enjoy the days we can take a lazy, slow breakfast before heading out for a wonder or play

Mindful Wellbeing +

Last month I was excited to be at the Association for Contextual Behavioural Sciences Annual World Conference in Berlin where Dr Richard Davidson, distinguished neuroscientist and author, gave a talk about his scientifi